Causes of Facial Aging and How Botox Can Help

Botox injections are not just for Hollywood movie stars. Everyday people are now using Botox injections to help the signs of aging. At En Vogue Medi-Spa, we provide Botox injections as part of our anti-aging services. To learn more, give us a call or book an appointment online for our clinic at 44 2nd St Pike Southampton, PA 18966.

Botox Near Me in Southampton, PA

How can Botox improve your face?

Botox injections were first made popular by movie stars as a way to make them appear younger with a smooth, wrinkle free complexion. Botox is an FDA-approved injection that can be used on moderate to severe wrinkles, crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, vertical lines between the eyebrows and other areas of the face. It works by blocking nerve activity in the muscles that it is injected to, which prevents them from being able to contract when the face moves. It is through these repeated muscle contractions that wrinkles are formed, so by relaxing the muscles and preventing them from contracting, wrinkles and creases no longer appear in the skin’s surface. Botox can be used on several different areas of the face, depending on the wrinkles and fine lines you are looking to reduce. It is not recommended to use Botox on too many areas at once though, as doing so can result in your face appearing frozen. At En Vogue Medi-Spa, we can help our patients to understand the benefits of Botox to determine if this is the right treatment to get them the results they want.

Where can I get Botox on my face?

Botox can be injected pretty much anywhere on the face where individuals are experiencing wrinkles and fine lines as a result of the facial muscles repeatedly contracting. The most common areas for Botox are on the top half of the face, such as the eyes and forehead. Botox can be used to treat crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead and the vertical wrinkles that form between the eyebrows. While these are the commonly injected areas, other areas can include the corners of the mouth, as well as the bridge of the nose and at the base of the nose. Prior to receiving Botox treatment, patients should book a consultation appointment with a certified and experienced practitioner such as the experts at En Vogue Medi-Spa to explain their concerns and talk through what Botox treatment would look like. This will help patients understand the risks and benefits, as well as what results they can expect prior to starting treatment.

How does Botox make you look younger?

Botox makes people look younger by preventing their facial muscles from contracting and creasing the skin. These repeated muscle contractions, that happen naturally when we laugh, smile, frown and make many other facial expressions, cause the skin to wrinkle and crease over time as the result of repeated contractions. Preventing the muscles from contracting means that the skin won’t be able to crease the way it would typically, and therefore the wrinkles don’t form on the skin. When used correctly, the results of Botox injections will appear natural and subtle so that your face will still move and not appear frozen, as can be a common misconception when people hear about Botox. At En Vogue Medi-Spa, we aim to help you appear younger with a smoother complexion, while maintaining your natural beauty and look.

What are the major causes of aging?

Aging is caused by many different things that we expose our skin and our body to. As we get older, our skin loses its natural elasticity and our collagen production decreases, causing our skin to take longer to rejuvenate itself and to appear older. Time spent in the sun in our youth, without proper sun protection, is one of the leading causes of aging for our skin. Other factors can include genetics, water intake, diet, exercise and medications. But aging skin can be treated to appear smoother, brighter and more youthful through the many available anti-aging products available on the market today. To learn more about anti-aging treatments in Southampton, PA, reach out to En Vogue Medi-Spa. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and walk you through your treatment options to find out which one will be best suited for you. We are located at 44 2nd St Pike Southampton, PA 18966Call us or schedule a consultation. We are open 5 days a week and serve clients from Southampton PA, Woodmont PA, Willow Grove PA, Horsham PA, Levittown PA, and Parkland PA.